Callan Online goes Español! Whether it’s for work, travel, school, or just for fun, Callan Online will help you speak Spanish confidently in a quarter of the time it takes with other methods. You’ll remain absorbed throughout your fast-paced one-to-one* lessons with our friendly, professional tutors.

* One-to-one tuition means you get your tutor’s undivided attention at all times.

We’ve taken half a century’s experience in teaching English, combined it with the expertise of Spanish linguists and our experience of running the successful online platform Callan Online English , and created our shiny new product, Callan Español. We will help you upgrade your CV, succeed in GCSE Spanish or DELE exams, or simply get ready for your holiday in Tenerife.

We’ve ensured that your course will help you improve your skills and even take you from complete beginner to a confident, fluent speaker of Spanish in an efficient and enjoyable way.

Learn Spanish whenever it’s convenient for you, wherever you like, 25 minutes at a time.

On the sofa. In the office. In the park. At the beach on the Costa del Sol.

Start now!

How it works

Set up an account and you will be ready to start learning Spanish. Don't forget to set your location and skype ID.
During your free trial lesson, your tutor will test your level and show you how the Callan Method works. If you’re a complete beginner, you will start learning immediately!
After the first lesson, you will get an email with information about your level. You will then be able to buy courses and books - just head to our shop and choose whatever you need.

And that’s it. As soon as you have bought a course, you will be able to reserve lessons and start improving your Spanish. ¡Buena suerte!

What you need

  • First of all, Skype

    You can download it here. Alternatively, you can use Skype via web browser (

  • You’ll need to know your Skype ID

    (it’s the same thing as Skype Name, but usually not the same as your email address). If you’re not sure how to find it, please read this section of the Skype FAQ.

  • Headset and camera

    For better sound quality, you should use a plug-in microphone and headphones rather than rely on those built into your device. A camera isn’t strictly necessary, but your lessons will be more effective if you and your teacher can see each other.

  • A good internet connection

    There are a lot of websites that will test the speed of your connection. Here’s one. The minimum recommended speed for a Skype call is 500kbps (download and upload). Ideally, you should have at least 1.5Mbps.


Getting in touch is easy

english +44 1865 522232

polish +48 22 21 990 88


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